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    WebDesk Category/Impact/Urgency filter selection


      Hi there,


      Looking for some help and/or guidance.


      We have two processes under the Incident Module.


      One is the Incident process, and the other is called Service Request.


      We have two sets of Categories/Impacts/Urgencies.


      The drop downs on the window are populated based on a filter.


      If the Lifecycle/Title is Incident, use the first set of Categories/Impacts/Urgencies.


      If the Lifecycle/Title is Service Request, use the set of Categories/Impacts/Urgencies prefixed by "SR".


      In Console, this works just fine.  In WebDesk, the filter is ignored and the first set of Categories/Impacts/Urgencies are put in the drop down.


      It looks like the Lifecycle/Title attribute is not getting populated with WebDesk, and therefore it uses the first set.


      I put the Lifecycle/Title on the Window.  In Console, it's populated, in WebDesk it's not.


      I have a ticket opened with support, but I thought I'd also try the Community.


      Any ideas ?  Has anybody seen anything similar ?