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    Exporting reports from web console drops double quotes


      We are finding that when we run a report in LDMS from the 32-bit console, the output fields are double-quoted in the .csv.


      When you do the same thing from the web console, the fields are not double-quoted.


      Has anybody else seen this and is this "working as intended"? We upload the output reports into a scripted process and the variance depending web console or 32-bit console can cause issues.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          If this is something you need, I would say log this as a defect (though since you've not stated what version you're on, please make sure you're on the latest service pack).


          Normally, report output should be treated the same -- we can at least find out what (if anything) the deal is with Web-based reports dropping the quotes (it's possible that something in IIS doesn't let us do this - I've seen weirder things in my time) and get some form of explanation.


          Please make sure that you include detailed information (an example?) of a report that you do, and the values (I'd suggest screenshotting the relevant report data, so we can make sure we've got everything we need on our side).


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead