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    Push unix command to macs


      Is it possible to do a policy-supported push of a unix command to macs using LANDesk (similar to using Apple's ARD)?


      I'd like to push the following command, which would change the network time server that our macs use:


      systemsetup -setnetworktimeserver mytimeserver.mycompany.com


      Using ARD, I can do this simply, but must rely on the machines being online.  I'd like to schedule this using LD and it's policy option, so I can catch all machines once they checkin with LD.




      - Keith

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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Yes, a MAC Package does accept a shell script as a primary file.


          Put your command in a shell script and deploy the shell script.

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            Alternately, you could put it into a LANDesk script too:



            REMEXEC1=systemsetup -setnetworktimeserver mytimeserver.mycompany.com

            Then set it up as a policy or policy supported push.
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              Beautiful, this worked like a charm.  Thanks a lot Gil!  I do have another

              question though (sorry, I'm a n00b with the script portion of LD).  I was

              able to create the script and push it out, but how do you make it a

              policy-supported push?  When I right-click on the task, I get the option to

              "Schedule".  Then in scheduled tasks, if I go to properties, there's no

              option to change the delivery method.  I can setup the task to be scheduled

              and to repeat failed machines, but I'd really like to make it a policy.




              - Keith

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                Sorry, I was sort of mixing apples and oranges, you'll need to just schedule it and create a repeat, and select "Devices that did not succeed". You'll also need to schedule it in the web console, not the standard console. The standard console only will let you schedule it to All devices.