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    Add more fields to SLM report.

    jaericho Apprentice

      I have a product that shows up in an SLM report but not available to query under "computer.software.application suites.application suite.name"


      Doing a report under SLM gives me info like device name, last used, duration. All that good stuff. I would like to add a few other fields to the report (fullname, loginname etc...)


      How can I go about doing this?

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          Hello Jaericho,


          All of the fields you are looking for that you can view in SLM are found under Software > Packages in the query/report windows. You will not find this information under Software > Application Suites.

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            jaericho Apprentice

            Thank you for the help.


            Unfortunately, I guess the problem is that this particular program does not show up in the inventory at all, but does show up in SLM under automatically discovered products. And in SLM the Last Used, Execution and all other fields are 0 or <never used>, so I am not sure if the SLM report is accurate.


            We have worked around the issue for now.

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              I see, here is some more information about automatically discovered so that you can troubleshoot in the future:


              Automatically discovered products are found from the following sources:

              • Shortcuts in the “All Users” desktop folder
              • Shortcuts in any users desktop folder
              • Shortcuts in the start menu
              • Entries in the MSI database
              • Information from Softmon (Scan for executed files)


              An example of when you do not see any execution information would be the following:
              A user tries to install a program, Crystal Reports. They do not have administrative rights to install Crystal Reports so half way through the installation after the desktop shortcuts are made it fails to complete install and does not remove the shortcuts from the users desktop. When we inspect the client machine we find that the user deleted the failed install shortcut from there desktop but there is a shortcut found on the All Users desktop.


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