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    Query Column Width on Welcome Screen


      I have a query setup called "All My Active Work" that I have set differing column widths. Some columns are set to the width in designer, some are the length of the longest data item, and some are set to the width of the header title. This works fine when the query is run (see QueryDesign.jpg attachment). However, when I put this query on the Welcome screen, it sets all the column widths to the same width (WelcomeScreen.jpg). Is there some where in the Welcome screen setup that I need to change a setting?


      I just noticed (while typing this up) that this seems to only happen when I click the house icon or the Welcom shortcut in the shortcut bar. When logging in initially, waiting for the auto-refresh, or clicking the refresh icon on the panel it will display the correct column widths. In light of this, I can probably just educate my users on this. If any one has an idea of how to fix it, though, let me know.