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    login name repeated !!!


      hello, every one!


      If anyone konw why the login name repeated,?

      when I choose the all device, and i find that the login name has repeated.

      3 PC has the same login name, it is wrong,


      How can I update the login name information ??



      Thank you !!!!!

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          This behaviour could be contributed to out-of-date inventory scans.


          Check how old the inventory data is and schedule a new scan if needed.


          Hope it solves your issue.



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            Thank you ! I will try it soon..

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              Dear Makke:


                   I use the method that inventory scans, when it finished, The login name still unchanged

                   and the Results is Not specified, what does it mean?


              Thanks !!!

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                Have you verified the inventory data is updated?


                You can verify this by opening the inventories and checking the "Last updated by inventory server" field.


                If verified, could it be no other user has used these machines?


                I'm not exactly clear on where LANDesk gets this information, but I think some information is gathered from the environment variables on Windows machines. Can someone verify this?


                I hope this helps you somewhat.



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                  The login name comes from Active Directory.You will want to look at Display Name in Active Directory fields on your server.

                  ldapwhoami.exe will launch and attempt to get this information from Active Directory.LANDesk uses API calls to request this information from the Operating System and Active Directory. This is done by utilizing some functions in netapi32.dll.