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    Policy schedule on client

    Jose.Dominguez Rookie


      Is there a reg key or log file I can check on a client to see what time policies are scheduled to run?

      On the agent config I've set policies to run on a schedule every 4 hrs from 8-5 with a random delay of an hour.



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          Rex SupportEmployee



          Local scheduler is in charge of executing tasks on the client.  Localsch task information is collected in inventory and can be found at Computer - Landesk Management - Local scheduler - Scheduled Tasks in the console. From the client Localsch.exe is in the ldclient directory on the client and creates a log file localsch.exe.log.  This log will show you when tasks executed in the past.  To see what localsch has curretnly scheduled you can run the command line localsch.exe /Tasks |more


          Hope fully this gives you visibility into the local scheduler.