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    Is there an  equivalent of WhyReboot to check if a patch will reboot a system?


      Allow me to explain. Is it possible to run a scan (for lack of a better term) that would look at the machine this patch is to be installed on and tell me if the machine will indeed reboot? This need for me comes from the couple of times that a patch may not reboot any of my test machines, but of course reboot some others.  It is an embarrassing situation that I would like to avoid. My understanding of why a system needs to reboot is that a file is in use at the moment that needs to be patched or deleted, or the installer needs to clean up. There is a tool that can be run that looked for this, named WhyReboot http://exodusdev.com/products/WhyReboot . My question though is can this or is tyoe type of test built into LANDesk?