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    Why won't the inventory scanner work?


      I have been working on this issue for about a week now. I have installed an LANDesk agent on a client machine.


      I have:

      • Stopped all Firewalls, A/V, and Anti Malware applications.
      • Made sure all services related to LANDesk as well as remote registry services were running.
      • Forcing a scan by adding   /F /SYNC to the target line.
      • Entries to the host files have been made.
      • I can ping the server by name and IP Address


      The inventory scanner still doesn't run because it can't communicate with the Core server. However, the security scan still works and is able to complete without a problem. The client machine is running Windows XP with SP3.

      Can anyone suggest anything that I can try, I have a few client machines that are experiencing the same issue.




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          Hello Andy,


          On the client machine look at the registry: HKLM\Software\Inte\LANDesk\LDWM and find the "CoreServer" key. See if you are able to ping the exact name shown on this key on the client machine. Also use a ping -a to ensure its returning the correct machine name.

          If that is found working then something is preventing port 5007. The security scans use port 80 and IIS so this is why they would be working while inventory is not. You should perform a wireshark scan on the client machine while trying to initiate an inventory scan on the client and see where the disconnection is.


          Also as a test, you can update manually the registry key on the client to the IP address of the core and test inventory scanning.