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    String manipulation


      I'm trying to make a report of all my servers and what OU they belong to, and what patches are needed.


      The reason for the OU is to obtain what application the server is associated with.  That way the application owners can review the changes that will be made to their environment.


      So my query grabs all devices where the patch currently installed = 0 and returns columns Device name, LDAP Location, and Vulnerability ID.


      My report I have structured as

           <GH1>'LDAP Location'

                <GH2>'Device Name'

                     <Detail>'Vulnerability ID'     <Detail>'Vulnerability ID'     <Detail>'Vulnerability ID'


      What I would like to change is the LDAP Location Data Field.  Is there any type of string manipulation that can be performed to the datafield like:


      Right(LDAP Location,len(LDAP Location)-(len(Device Name)+4))



      I know that won't get what I need but what I'm looking for are the functions that can be used for the string manipulation.


      Alternatively does anyone know where I can customize the code behind a report?

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          This is not going to be terribly easy with the current reporting engine - sorry.


          The GOOD news is that this is something that's being COMPLETELY overhauled for the oncoming new release of LANDesk, and one of our goals there is to permit you to be able to customize reports to pretty much be "anything you want".


          While this ended up complicating custom reports a bit (it would be a de-facto requirement for people to understand database structures / SQL), this DOES give you the freedom to do stuff such as you're currently after.


          It's not an ideal answer, I know, but I hope that at least the "light at the end of the tunnel" is going to make things easier on you .


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            does "not going to be terribly easy" = "not possible"?

            {holding out hope}