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    Search for all .zip & .rar files






      I would like to obtain a list of all the .rar, .zip files.


      I have started with to add these extentions into the ScanExtensions list .zip .rar .ace.


      Then I am a bit lost of what exactly I need to do.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Thanks a lot for your answer.


          The LdAppl3.Template has been modified some weeks ago and for other reasons (restrict access to some applications) the "button" make available to clients has been used also some weeks ago.


          So i suppose everyting should be correct now, the only issue is that i don't know how to see the list of .zip & .rar files.


          Thanks a lot for your help.

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            Okay, i am following this guide. http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2170



            I want to add in the New file window the fact he looks for all the zip files.


            So that is what i wrote for the following fields


            Filename : *.zip


            Size : 1


            Product Name: x


            Vendor : x


            Version : x


            Action or state : To be scanned.


            Are these answers for a new file correct ?


            Thanks for your help.

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              Can please someone answer my last question ?


              Thanks a lot in advance.

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                Sorry but what you're trying to do can't do be done in the way described in http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2170. That document tells you how to scan for a specific, known filename whose extension is something other than exe. Suppose e.g. you wanted to scan for a file called myscript.vbs. If you just add myscript.vbs to the "to be scanned" list, the file will not be found because by default, the scanner doesn't look at .vbs files. The file will only be found if you add .vbs to the ScanExtensions list.


                But what the document doesn't tell you is how to scan for all files with specified extensions. Wildcards don't work in the to "be scanned list".


                There is one way you could set things up to scan for all .zip/.rar files: add .zip and .rar to the ScanExtensions list and set Mode=All. But that would practically force you to remove .exe from the list. You will be faced with a choice: do you want to scan for exe files, or do you want you to scan for zip and rar files. Scanning for both would be much too expensive in terms of database clutter and performance. And it would be ugly: each client's detected files (exe, zip and rar) will appear together in one flat list under Software - Package and the couple of zip/rar files that the client has will be swamped by a sea of exe files.


                In other words: you can set things up to scan for all zip/rar files, but only if you give up scanning for executables.


                I'm not sure what you're really trying to do: list all zip/rar filenames? Or get a number for the total storage they take up? If it's the total storage, you could usurp MultimediaExtensions. This is a mechanism whereby you get the total number of files and the total storage taken up by all files with the specified extensions. Again, you would need to give up something: unless you're happy to count zip/rar files instead of multimedia file, or the sum total of both, this is not a solution.


                One article already mentioned above is How to Scan for PST files in an enviroment. On the surface, that sounds like a problem similar to yours: scan for .pst files rather than .zip/.rar. But I have no faith that the solution described in it can help you. More promising is http://www.droppedpackets.org/inventory-and-slm/collect-pst-file-information/, which suggests using an inventory helper script. But that solution too would need a lot of further work. I suppose clients can have hundreds of zip files and you would need to extend the database schema, adding a custom table to avoid performance problems - but this requires intimate knowledge of the product, there are no articles to guide you through the steps necessary and you would need ongoing support.


                Summarising, here are 3 possible approaches:

                1. Mode=All, ScanExtensions=.zip .rar (no exe!). Scanner will scan for zip/rar files but will ignore exe files.

                2. MultimediaExtensions. Instead of counting number and total space taken up by multimedia files, count zip/rar files.

                3. Inventory helper and custom table.