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    HP DL360 G6 PXE Boot


      Trying to PXE boot a HP DL360 G6 without any luck so far. Just keep on getting "The network adaptor was not found" error message. Have added the drivers from the HP support website and redployed PXE rep but still no joy. Has anyone successfully PXE booted one of these and which driver did you use?

      The NIC is a HP NC328i DP Multifunction Gigabit Server Adaptor.

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          Couldn't find any reference to an NC328i NIC. But one called NC382i does seem to exist, is that the one you mean? That would be a broadcom NetXtreme II. Comes in essentially 2 variants, 1 Gb and 10 Gb, but the drivers seem to be "similar". This is definitely one of the more complicated NICs. The main complication seems to be that it takes 2 drivers to make this thing fly, a bus driver and a "normal" device driver. For your further delectation and edification, you get two more drivers thrown into the deal - not sure what they bring to the party, but that leaves you with 4 inf files, 4 sys files plus miscellaneous bits and pieces...


          I don't know this beastie and I can only give you armchair advice, but I believe you need to get 2 inf files (bxnd.inf and bxvbd.inf) into the WinPE image's inf folder (\i396\inf) and 2 sys files (bxnd52x.sys and bxvbdx.sys) into the drivers folder (\i386\system32\drivers). It seems that in one version of the driver, the bus driver is not called bxvbd.inf / bxvbdx.sys, but evbd.inf / evbdx.sys. You should be able to get the right files into the right places using the wizard ("manage the drivers in the WnPE image" button) if you run it twice. But I would recommend using winimage so you can see for yourself where things go. The wizard is not really designed for complicated NICs like this one...

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            You are correct Jan i meant NC382i the Broadcom NetExtreme II. I have used the inf and sys from both HP and Broadcom without anyluck. Also added the cat files to the PE image But still i am prompted with the network adapter failure. I used the wizard to inject the files and also double checked with winimage to make sure fo the files locations. These drivers should also work with HP DL360 G5's i have but its the same outcome it just cannot find the driver. I feel like i am banging my head against a brick wall here, surely someone has landesk working with HO DL360s?

            Files injected - bxnd.inf \ bxnd52.sys \ bxnd.cat & bxvbd.inf \ bxvbdx.sys \ bxvdb.cat (all files downladed from HP NC-Series Broadcom 1Gb Multifunction Driver for Windows Server 2003 version 18 Aug 2009.

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              I read of other people experiencing similar problems... and resolving them with the NetXtreme II monolithic driver, which you can download from http://www.broadcom.com/support/ethernet_nic/netxtremeii.php (select Windows Server 2003 - RIS). This is a dumbed down version of the drivers that hides the fancy virtual bus architecture (that's what broadcom calls it - don't ask me what that is but that's what causing the trouble) and makes it look more like a boring old desktop NIC. Remove the other 2 drivers first of course. Don't bother with cat files, you don't need them in WinPE 1.x.

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                Thanks for the help Jan, this monolithic driver is working a treat, time to start provisioning the servers now