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    Sysprep "Computer Name" issue..




      I have my provisioning template pretty much were I want it (working) but theres one thing thats really bugging me, we I inject the sysprep into he image and it reboots, it looks to the database for the "Computer ID" string, and populates the computername field within sysprep.


      The problem is, during the bootup as sysprep is going through all the steps required, It gets the name, and then stops - It is waiting for user input to click next, then it goes off and does the rest automaticly!!


      I believe the Unattended bit is scripted into it, as it does everything else automaticly - It has also only recently started doing this!! Odd!!


      Any suggestions/fixes?



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          I've seen something like this in OSD-based SYSPREP based booting, many a year ago. It was down to the machines themselves, as I've used a single OSD script to push down to 12 identical(-ish) machines, and 80% of them imaged fine, everything automatically, while on a handful of them I had to just click "Next", as sysprep obviously DID pick up the data from the SYSPREP.INF but no idea why it wanted it confirmed.


          Regrettably, sysprep's debugging options are virtually nonexistent as far as I know (to the best of my knowledge at present), and I had just put it down to "something" on those devices (since it was always consistently the same devices causing this misbehaviour when I was re-imaging the same 12 devices...


          So, check whether there's consistency in the devices that cause you this - possible that there's something down to those specific machines that can be potentially improved (BIOS versions potentially, could be anything is the sad part).


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead