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    Locking down Crystal in Console

    Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

      Once the problem with greyed out navigation toolbar is fixed in 7.3.1 (problem #3828) can anyone advise if any problems are logged to fix the security side?


      See the screenshot below.


      I can add a component to a shortcut bar,  and publish that shortcut bar JUST to the Users, Groups, Roles that I want to use;  nice and locked down!


      The user runs the report from the Shortcut bar they get the "Reports" tree in the middle panel and can now run any other report; security goes out the window!!


      In my view the Report tree (maybe the whole middle panel) needs to be suppressed when running a report from the shortcut bar as it's not meaningful and blows security out of the water"


      Are Avocent looking to fix?




      Crystal From Shortcuts.jpg