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    How to replace file locations in all Distribution package (after moving share)




      We added an additional package server to our environment to reduce the IIS load on our Core server.

      I have a few hundreds packages pointing to the old package share on the core server.  example: http://nlws0098/ldpackages/firefox.exe

      I made an exact copy to the new package server but now I have a hell of a job, because I have to change all files and additional files to point to the new share on the new server.

      Change a package will also remove it from other packages when it is a dependicy.

      So is there a easy way to replace the old servername in the packages to the new one. I was already looking into the database to the table dbo.packages_files_hash which contains all the file paths, but I'm not sure if I can do a simple replace of the servername.

      Anyone did this before or having some other tips?


      Just want to replace http://nlws0098/.... with http://nlws0283/.... without loosing all dependicies and to save me some work.


      Thanks in advance