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    How can i speedup distribution with MSI packages on slower connection?




      99% of my packages are MSI packages in which are many files and subfolders.


      When i install with the delivery method run from source on the same network range than the core server, it is going very fast.


      But sometimes i need to install these packages on a far site and that takes way more time.


      I have compared an install from Landesk with the delivery method run from source,download from source, multicast and the other method which consist to copy the Openoffice MSI folder and to install it.


      The copy and the install is going way faster than the three delivery methods i have tried.


      Multicast is way to slow with these MSI packages because there are lot of files.


      What can i do ?


      If there any to force the msi package folder to be copied and then to run a local install ?


      Any help is highly appreciated.