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    Installing LDMS client on comptuers not on the same domain as LDMS


      So I have a weird question.  We are getting ready to integrate a new company we purchased onto our network.  Currently their network is connected to use but they are still on their old companies domain with no trusts to our domain.  We want to get a snapshot of their workstations so we can know if their computers are up to snuff for our systems or do they need to be replaced.  So of course the best tool to gather this information is LANDesk, but is there a way to install the client on these machines without them being part of the same domain as LDMS?  For kicks and giggles we already tried to send the client from LDMS and it failed.  Is there another way to get them reporting in LANDesk?  In the end the computers will be converted to our domain and their old one will be eliminated but the information is needed before we do that.