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    Portals and Policies


      Dear Landesk community,


      I implore that you treat me as a dunce. I want to use the portal for software distribution in Landesk 8.8 SP3. I am looking for the simplest possible example, and I do mean example, of how to get the package ready - get the policy (ies) ready so that it works when the user clicks


      START>PROGRAMS>LANDesk Management>LANDesk Software Deployment Portal


      Any application will do - I just want to see it work - so that I can start building from there.


      Many thanks,



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          Hi Justin,


          I would recommend starting out with a simple batch file that contains a line with something like this:


          echo LANDesk Rocks! > C:\TestOutput.txt


          Obviously that should create a file call TestOutput.txt on the root of the C drive.  That will allow you to test that the LANDesk functionality works using a controlled package.  For details on actually creating the package you can look at the help file (it's surprisingly helpful, and I don't mean that as sarcasm).


          After the batch file I would try something like TightVNC.  With LANDesk you don't really have any need for TightVNC, but it has a couple advantages.  1 - It's a single file executable installer that uses command line options to be silent, so it's a little more complex than the batch file, but still not anything super crazy.  2 - It's free.  3 - The exact command line needed for a basic silent install is found right on their website. 4 - It's pretty small


          You can download it here:



          The command line instructions can be found here:



          (Hint the install command would be: tightvnc-1.3.10-setup.exe /sp- /verysilent)


          You can make the setup.exe file the primary file, then add the /sp- /verysilent part to the Installation Options page on the Command Line.  This should allow you to get started with some package distribution.  Just make sure you choose a policy, start the task on the core, then launch the software deployment portal.  This should either run the task immediately (if it's a required policy) or list it in the portal to be installed (if it's an optional or recommended policy).

          Let me know if this helps!

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            cknott SupportEmployee

            Justins, I let the Software guy at LANDesk know about your port here. He should be responding soon with some things to try. There are a few patches that should be applied that he can get you the links for.



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              For a step by step walk through you can see this article: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-7336


              You may also want to apply this patch in this article: http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-6396


              Let me know if you have any further questions.