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    ldprep - gx280 bug


      Hi All,


      It looks like there is a bug with ldprep and the GX280 models... were currently using our HII process on over 20 models and the only one that has an issue is the GX280... Not really sure why but here is the issue that we are experienceing...


      Ldprep is failing to run and on failure it blanks out the device path causing the computer to blue screen. To troubleshoot this we commented out the line before LDprep runs and notice the device path contains the default entry of %systemroot%\inf. When LDprep is run manually it freezes and then blanks out the device path. To fix this were just going to do a quick vbscript which checks that path and if its blank it will go ahead and put the default entry back...


      Is this happening to anyone else...? I  would think on some sort of error before the program exists it would make sure the default entry is written to the device path location? Anyone know what LDprep is written in? I don't think it's AutoIT...



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          I'm the author of ldprep. What version of ldprep are you using? A couple of versions ago, ldprep had a problem whereby DevicePath was blanked out when there was nothing to add. This was fixed in V1.5.0.4. The current version posted on my blog is V1.7.1. Please try that version. If you still have a problem then please post ldprep's log.


          Ldprep freezes? That's probably just your impression. Ldprep is unusual in that it writes to the command line even though it is a windows program. In the normal case of a console program writing to stdout, you'll see the program's output followed by a command prompt. In the unusual case of a windows program writing to the console, you'll get the command prompt first, followed by the program's output. If you're sitting there waiting for the command prompt that you believe should follow the program output, you'll wait forever, not realising that the command prompt was there all along...

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              Thanks for the reply! It looks like we are running an older version of ldprep... V1.5.0.2 ...   I will download the new tool set and give it a try!


              I should have checked to see if there was a new version!! Do you always post the updated tools in your blog?


              Thanks again!