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    PXE Representative on a Windows 2008 x32 Server


      Does anyone have their PXE Representative a Windows 2008 Server?  We are able to successfully deploy the script, however it doesn't appear to be working?.  The PxeConfig.exe utility is unable to see the status of the PXE Services, however the services are running.  I have disabled IPV6 on the network card (have had issues with this in the past) and we are using the local PXE Rep Deploy script to try and set it up.  Windows Firewall, etc are also all disabled.

      When the clients attempt to PXE Boot they get the error.


      PXE-E53: No boot filename recieved.


      I have noticed if I stop the PXE services on the PXE Rep, the same error message appears.  Anyone else experienced similar issues?


      We are running LD 8.8, SP3.