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    Software added in the last year


      Yes, I have asked this question before...just modified a bit



      Ok you LANDesk guru's! The boss wants a report that will show all software added to all computers in the last year. After that he just wants it ran weekly for the past 7 days. I have tried the "computer"."Software"."Package"."Date Discovered" method but I run out of memory or it says it requires user input in order to run.


      Can anyone assist??? I'll buy ya a beer!




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          So I would try and manage the expectations. Trying to figure out all software added to a computer is large task that if executed without proper definitions, and scopes will give you a load of crap. First you will need to define the term software. Is it all exes added or changed on a computer or a limited amount of actual software you care about. If you want to track every EXE, patch, driver, freeware, applet know to man kind you will not get any work done.  So here is a quick example to show you all Itunes installations (well you could argue that discovery date is not install date and could try and use Application suites install date, but WTF).




          Or http://community.landesk.com/support/message/17452#17452