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    Change ip address (Core + clients)



      we must change our adress IP (stations and servers), this can cause a communication problem between the "core server" and clients ?


      Thank you for your answers






      LDMS 8.7 - SP4

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          Joshni SupportEmployee

          As long as DNS works in your environment then this should not be an issue.  Changing the IP address is fine as long as DNS will resolve to the updated host name.



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            JSMCPN Expert

            You might want to do a Windows search on your Core.  Search the \ManagementSuite\ main directory and all subdirs (including hidden files) for CONTENT (not file name).  The content you want to search for is the current IP address of your core.  Hopefully all you will find are log files.



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              Some configuration files contain the IP address of the server core, but I know why and it is not critical.

              Does someone has already made a change ip address on the core server? Can he tell me his experience?

              Thank you very much


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                Josh is correct. By default we use the hostname and not an IP address so DNS would need to be verified and working.


                You can double check the registry key we use on the clients for the hostname variable we use to communicate with the core server.HKLM\Software\Inte\LANDesk\LDWM. You will find the "CoreServer" key. By default you should find the hostname of the core server. In some cases this can be an IP address or an FQDN name.If you verify this key being the name of your core server then no changes will need to be made.


                If you have a management gateway you will need to look into reposting your certificates.