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    Placing 'Description', 'Inventory Affected'... fields one below the other.




      Just creating the report on showing the complete list of Business Change with the specific 'Project' title.


      (need to put all fields on the report)


      In the detail section, I am placing the 'Description' column and followed by few more... something like this.





      Inventory Affected


      Resource Required


      Backout Information


      Special Instruction



      The data is placed vertically as it will be odd if placed in horizontal.


      When I look in to the preview... the data is not displayed properly.. like... the 'InvertoryAffected' data overlaps with the Description and so on for all other 3 fields.


      Because these fields has unlimited field length and data can grow as much as it can.


      What Settings to be used, if the data needs to be seen properly?


      c:\>sig.exe -n "RMudugal"