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    Can't Remote System behind Juniper SSL VPN


      We are running LANDesk 8.8 SP3


      I cannot remote control systems when they are connected through Juniper SSL VPN. In the management console the icon for these systems do not show the binoculars or the red circle with line through it, just the computer icon. (This is how I can tell which systems are connected through VPN from within LANDesk.)


      The remote control option is greyed out on these systems. I know that LANDesk is still able to communicate with these systems because I can successfully distribute software to them.



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          Are you able to "push" software to them, or are they just getting software as a policy? Your network is probably not routable to your VPN network. Are you able to ping one of the machines on the VPN?

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            Here's a good test:


            On the core server browse to the ManagementSuite directory, or from any device map a drive to the LDMain share on the core.


            Run the following command where <IPAddress> is the hostname or IP Address of the device you are trying to reach:


            pds2dis IUSR <IPAddress>


            Note that IUSR needs to be capitalized.  Try that on a device that is working to get an example of the output.  It contains the device name, LANDesk device id, MAC address, ip address, etc.  That is pinging the same service as we do when trying to determine device connectivity.  If you get blank feedback or an error being listed it indicates there's a problem with the agent, or (usually) the agent is unreachable on port 9595 (the Management Agent port).


            Let me know what that command returns.