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    Software Distribution


      We are in the process of migrating all of our distributed applications from Zenworks to LANDesk. In Zenworks, the applications are currently associated to user groups and not workstations. (It was done this way before I was here)


      The benefit of associating the applications to user groups was low maintenance when a user received a new computer. The down side was that a user could potentially login to any computer and effectively install all software they have associated to them. This could potentially be a licensing nightmare.


      As we migrate to LANDesk we will be associating the applications to computer groups. I am concerned that we are creating a lot more work for ourselves when we change out hardware. As I see it, we will have to look at each computers group membership, remove it from those groups and add the new computer to those groups. We sometimes replace100's of systems at a time.


      Is there an easier way to manage this? We are not currently running LANDesk ALM. Will ALM make this process any easier?