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    Provisioning not loading template


      I was hoping someone would be able to help me. Yesterday our provisioning was working fine, I have come in this morning and it has stopped working. I am able to log into the WinPe image, select the template that I want, it then keeps retrying to load to template.


      When I check the ldprovision.log file on the PC I am trying to image it says:


      ldprovsion.exe:Call web service GetTaskXML()

      This is repeated however many times I let the template retry.


      Any Advice would be much appreciated as we cant image any PC's at the moment




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          If you create a template on the core server (even a blank template that just has, for example, a wait command) and then add that device to it and try to start does it:


          A) Stay in Pending forever


          B) Switch to Active for just a few moments, then go to Pending\Delayed and stay there forever


          C) Run just fine


          D) Something else


          Let me know.



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            Hi Mach,


            Thanks for your response. The issue has now been resolved after a number of server restarts all but one PC started provsioning. Support recomended I "check the IIS worker process is set to recycle every 120 minutes rather than the default value". This seemed to fix the last PC that had a problem.