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    Windows has Finished Installing New Devices


      We recently updated our image from Windows XP Service Pack 2 to Windows XP Service Pack 3.  We are using 8.8 SP3, with HII.  It seems that when my image comes down now, after it runs minisetup and reboots, I get the message displayed below.  This prevents the hw.bat from running and will sit on this screen until you answer no.  We looked at what files where causing the pending reboot in the registry and they appear to be the 3 files you replace for the HAL:  hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe and ntkrnlpa.exe.  How can we automate getting past this screen?



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          Which version of halconfig are you using, and with what command line parameters? Also, do you have an SP3.cab in c:\windows\driver cache\i386?


          It sounds a bit like mini-setup didn't do hardware detection. Did you perhaps run sysprep without the "detect non-plug and play hardware" checkbox enabled? This is a treacherous litle checkbox. In an earlier version of sysprep, this checkbox was labeled something like "perform hw detection" and you would have enabled it without thinking. I don't know why MS changed the text - the way it is phrased now, it looks as if you don't normally need this option. Wrong!



          What's supposed to happen is as follows:

          1. HalConfig replaces hal files.

          2. Machine reboots into mini-setup.

          3. As part of PnP HW detection, mini-setup installs the proper HAL. The right hal files were already in place but the PnP database in the registry doesn't reflect that, so mini-setup copies them again - again from sp3.cab.

          4. Machine reboots after mini-setup.


          If at first login, you get "windows has finished installing new devices", that suggests that step 3 hasn't happened. What was supposed to happen during step 3 is only happening at step 4. The one way I am aware of to get this behaviour is to run sysprep without the relevant checkbox enabled.

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            OK,  I think it was your first suspicion.  We were adding the hal files using injectmsd instead of using the halconfig.  I put in the halconfig (which is version 2.3), and this seemed to take care of the issue at least with one model of laptop.  I will try it on some others.  I guess this takes out the need to have a Windows\System32\ folder under my msd folder, right?  One additional comment.  Now that this works, I noticed that the installation of the landesk 8.8 agent is not completing correctly.  I will be missing the LANDesk Policy Invoker service.  Do you think that this can be fixed by adding an ldsleep in the deploy script?



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              I think you answered my question that I posed here.  I'll start a new post about the agent installation issues I am having during the GuiRunOnce portion of Sysprep.