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    Error Deploying PE


      I keep getting an error-2147024890 during WinPE deployment. It only happens on our old images (same machines). I have turned off all services, to match those of the new images. Attached is the log file.

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          ahe Expert

          Hello Steve,


          error in your log file is not caused by the Win PE image (ldvpe1.img) file, it caused by a file named ldvpe0.img. This contains a older ntldr, ntdetect.com and winnt.sif file.

          In our (8.7 SP6) environment I can't find a entry of ldvpe0.img in the deployment scripts of PXE, it still exist on core, but it seems it isn't used...


          Which version of LDMS you use?

          Could you attach your PXE deployment script or your PE image deployment script?




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            Thanks for the reply. We are still on 8.7 SP4, but i cant figure out why some machines work and others wont even reboot.

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              ahe Expert

              Hello Steve,


              after "translation" of your error code -2147024890 I got this: 7:6.

              This means:

              7      Windows facility. (s. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms681381%28VS.85%29.aspx)

              6      Program reading / writing hard drive


              Is it possible that you can't write on the hard disk of this client?

              Check your BIOS settings of RAID/SATA from AHCI/ATA, this could help...


              See error code hints here:







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                As you can see in the log, the error code is from lddefrag. I the error code (0x8007:0006) doesn't mean much, at least not to me


                Perhaps it helps to have some idea of what lddefrag is doing so at least you don't go off on a wild goose chase. We're in a vboot scenario here. The script has downloaded some stuff (mainly the WinPE image, ldvpe1.img) and now some magic needs to happen to reboot into WinPE. All that lddefrag does is defragment the ldvpe0.img file. This is a small (1 MB) bootstrap image from which the machine is next going to reboot. If lddefrag fails, that's nothing to do with the contents of either of the ldvpe0.img or ldvpe1.img. I means that something is stopping lddefrag from defragmenting ldvpe0.img.


                There is a debug mode on lddefrag. If you have a machine on which it reliably fails, you could try running lddefrag manually in debug mode. Go to the ldclient folder and type following from the command line: lddefrag "c:\program files\landesk\ldclient\ldvpe0.img" p2 p3. The p2 and p3 parameters are don't care parameters, their presence turns on debug mode but their value doesn't matter.

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                  ahe Expert

                  Hello Jan,


                  does exist a (official) documentation about lddefrag and it's parameters?


                  In BKM of OSD I found the hint that lddefrag.exe defrag the file after it is copied to the harddisk.

                  But if the file wasn't correct copied to the harddisk before ... what's happen?


                  From http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1509, page 7: (no hints about the paramters...)


                  In order for LDVBOOT.IMG to be properly established as a “Virtual Partition” it has to occupy contiguous space on the client machines hard drive. LDDEFRAG.EXE will defrag the file after it is copied to the hard disk."




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                    There isn't much to say about lddefrag. It takes one command line parameter (the file to be defragmented - must be absolute path). There are no further optional command line parameter, except as already said, you can enable a debug mode by specifying a 2nd and 3rd parameter (values don't matter). More precisely, the 2nd parameter enables debug mode, the 3rd parameter cause lddefrag to halt and wait for keyboard input. There's really nothing more to say...


                    Lddefrag doesn't care what file you tell it to defrag. It will of course complain if the file doesn't exist (that's not the problem here because the error code is the wrong one), but if there's something funny about the file, that will cause some interesting problems further on, but lddefrag will not notice.