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    ScanningProcess.exe using very large amounts of memory


      I guess I'm mainly looking to David and Paul on this one.


      We have had several issues across our network where ScanningProcess.exe appears to consume massive amounts of memory, 1Gb and more. The problem seems to be on machines with very large files, in fact it looks like the amount of memory being used is about the same as the size of the problem file on each machine which leads me to guess that a file is loaded into RAM when it is being scanned. Is that correct?


      I've read through this document and the symptoms I'm seeing are not described there:



      We're using engine


      Thanks in advance.

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          LANDave SupportEmployee

          Can you give me more specifics on the operating system and specifications for these computers?


          I did see this issue on 64-bit computers about a year ago, but it was reported to Kaspersky and resolved in


          The specific issue I was seeing is compressed (.ZIP or .RAR usually) files taking up the same amount of memory as the uncompressed size.   So, in my example, a 4 gig file would take up 4 gig of system memory, and it would start paging and bring the system down.


          However, I am surprised to hear this, as from what we have seen it was resolved.


          You are 100% sure that you are on


          Try scanning an extremely large file, and then also a very large compressed .ZIP or .RAR file and watch the memory usage.   Let me know the results.

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            The machine is XP SP2.


            This is the data from the inventory:


            Name                        Value
            Agent Running                  True
            Auto Protect                  On
            Definition Install Date       21/10/2009 08:33:20
            Definition Publish Date       16/12/2009 03:52:49
            Definition Version            20091216
            Engine Version   
            Last Virus Scan             08/12/2009 16:01:19
            Number                        0
            Product Name                  LANDesk Antivirus
            Product Version        

            The file was a .log text file.


            I'll try to recreate the problem tomorrow and report back.