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    Error inventory




      We want to go back up  computers in Landesk. We have installed Landesk Client on a computer,  ( ex : host-001 )  and the installation seems to be correct.

      the computer exists  on the management console.


      I do the same thing for an other computer. The client installation seems to be ok, too. ( ex : host-002 )


      This time, on the server, the computer host-002  doesn't appear. I do a inventory on this machine and  it finally  appears on the server. But it remplaces the hots-001 ! Host-001 disappears on the console.


      If I try with  an host-003, it will remplace host-002.


      I did a reboot on the server, launch again the inventory  service but without changing the problem.


      I don't understand the problem.  Maybe a license problem ?


      Thanks a lot to help me