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    Re-assignment of Changes


      Is it possible to add an Opitional Action of 'Reassign' into the Change Process


      Version 7.2.6

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          LegoGuy SupportEmployee

          There should be an available action you can use called Assign.  That would be the action you would use.  Do you want to change the wording from assign to reassign?

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            Yes, I would like to change it to read Reassign. Is that possible?




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              LegoGuy SupportEmployee

              To rename the action then you would want to open the Object Designer tool.  Expand the Change Management Section then double click on the Change object.  You will see a collection on the change object called Assignments.  If you right click on the collection there is an option to Modify Action.  When you click on this you will see the action name Assign.  You can then change this to Reassign.  Then save the object.


              One word of warning.  This will change the action name everywhere that it is used.  So on all of your change processes it will now show reassign instead of assign.