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    GX270 and Notorious Stop: 0x0000007b screen


      I have HII working for all of my machine models except the Dell Optiplex GX270.  I have Optiplex GX260s, Optiplex GX280s,  Latitude D430s, D410s, D600, D610, D620s, and D630s all working on my HII image.  We had a GX270 working on XP SP2, but we changed the image to XP SP3 and now it won't work for just this model.  After the image is dropped on the machine and it reboots to start sysprep, we get the Stop: 0x0000007b screen.  All other models work.  What am I missing on this particular model.  It appears that there are both SATA and IDE ports for this machine.  Could this be causing the issue?  How can we get around it?