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      When you use autofix on a patch, if the patch need a reboot, is the computer restarting ? asking for a reboot ? or does nothing and wait for next reboot ?

      And if by default it reboots, isn't it a way to force not rebooting ?


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          ahe Expert

          Hello Steve,


          it depends on your configuration of "Scan and repair settings" in patch manager.


          In the "Reboot" tab of "Scan and repair settings" dialog, you can configure if the user get a message, if the user can snooze the reboot (and how often), how many times the user get the message, if the user can cancel a reboot, etc.


          And you can set "Never reboot". But if a file is in use and a patch need to change this file, a reboot is necessary.


          Normally no automatic reboot will be made, but I've seen it ...(no differences between the different patch management software solutions: WSUS, LANDesk, Shavlik, ...).


          It depends on the patch creator/vendor, the software which is patched, if a basic OS file is changed, etc.