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    RHEL5 and ldiscan ?




      I've installed the linux agent on my workstation following this documentation[1].


      I'm trying to launch an inventory scan by :

      /usr/LANDesk/ldms/ldiscan -ntt=X.X.X.X -f but I didn't see anything on the server. By the way, when I try to scan to discover unmanaged device I can't see the workstation. The workstation can ping the server (LDMS 8.8 SP3)

      /usr/LANDesk/ldms/ldiscan -ntt=X.X.X.X -f -o=/tmp/out.txt => I have the scan in out.txt so ldiscan works.


      The firewall and SELinux are disabled.


      Any tips ?


      If you need any information I'll be glad to provide it.

      Thank you, best regards.


      [1] http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1197