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    Inventory Scan Problem....





      I have a problem with the inventory scan.. it is not updating the records in the database…


      I sent an agent to a computer that has a printer connected to it… once I view the inventory I saw that printer at the “printers tab”… then I disconnected the printer from this computer and made “inventory scan”…. we expected that when I click “inventory” this printer should be removed from the  “printers tab”… but it still there!!!!!


      The same thing happened with software… I checked for one application at the inventory then uninstall it.. But it remains at the software in the inventory…


      That means the database is not updating!!!!

      Any idea about this????




      Dena T. Darabseh

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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup



          First off, the inventory data does not update "live", but is set to scan once day by default.



          When you click on "Inventory" where are you doing that?  Are you running an Inventory Scan from the client, are you right clicking on the item in the console and clicking Inventory or are you right click on the item in the consoles and clicking "Inventory Scan"?



          The "Inventory" in the console just pulls up an inventory report from the last scan, it does not re-run it.


          Also note, just running an "Inventory Scan" from either the client or the console does not always produce a full and accurate report.



          If you want an accurate and full inventory scan you will need to do this:


          Got to "Managed Scripts" and under all scripts, type in the 'find' box, "inventory", it should find a script that will run the inventory scanner....



          Now open it and look for a line under [Machines] (I am off today so I might be a bit off on where this is, [Machines], or [Machines NT])


          Copy that line of commands


          Now create a new Custom Script (right click on My custom scripts) Name it "Full Inventory Scan"


          Under the [Machines] section (or where you found it above), copy the command line


          at the end of it, add /F /SYNC


          Save it


          Right click on it to schedule it


          The /F /SYNC switches will force it to run a full inventory scan including software and hardware changes....



          Now, in reality, if you just wait a day this will all be done automatically as a "Full" scan will run daily!