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    Where are scheduled manage scripts stored?


      Hi all,


      We are doing a cleanup and porting all our manage scripts to Distribution packages in LANDesk.

      Now the person how is doing the port also check when the script or programm is still in use if not he delete's it.

      He already did the cleanup for the Distr. packages. For that cleanup i made a VB to check if there were still tasks open and if so how en when they where created.


      Now i want to do that for manage script but when i create a task with a manage script i cant find it in the LD_Task db

      can any one tell me where that i can find the db that stores info on tasks with a manage script?



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          "Manage Scripts" type tasks (that is, tasks that have an actual .INI file associated with them) show up in LD_TASK just like any other.


          To verify, try this on a test Core (I assume you have a test Core?).


          1 - In the 32-bit Console, go to "Manage Scripts".

          2 - In "Manage scripts" go to "All Scripts".

          3 - Right-click on "Restore Client Records" and select "Schedule".


          4 - You'll now see the "Restore Client Records" script showing up in the scheduled tasks pane, if you want to look.


          5 - Open up SQL, and run:


          select * from LD_TASK


          the very last entry, based on LD_TASK_IDN is going to be the "Restore Client Records" - so this shows up just as any other task would in the LD_TASK table.




          More advanced things:


          Additional info that may be of interest to you, is looking for this in the LD_TASK_CONFIG table as well -- you'll notice that all INI-based tasks have an "LD_SCHEDULE_EXE_IDN" of '4'. This is because, as you can check (via a simple "select * from LD_SCHEDULE_EXE"), '4' is internally pointed to being an INI-script based execution.


          So with crossing the LD_TASK, the LD_TASK_CONFIG and the LD_SCHEDULE_EXE (if needed) table, you can easily identify all of the INI-based tasks.


          I hope this helps you / answers your question?


          - Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.