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      I'm doing a distribution using an LDAP query as a target.  Since we have a small number of terminals that are shared (people use them for a few minutes, log off and then another user logs in, etc), some of these terminals are showing up on the query as one of the users in the LDAP query is listed as the primary owner of these terminals (it is showing the real PC of this end-user plus the terminals).


      Is there a way to force these specific terminals to not keep a primary owner history so that when the inventory scan runs, it doesn't report this info back to the core?


      Or is there a way to exclude PCs from an LDAP query?


      I normally use Inventory Queries and can exclude PCs with it but due to the nature of this SWD, I need to use LDAP...



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          If I remember correctly you set the number of logins to keep on the core server under configure services, so I'm not sure that you could change that for only a handful of devices.


          You might be able to manipulate the local inventory though.  As the logon history information is stored in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LANDesk\Inventory\LogonHistory\Logons key, you might be able to clear this out then run an inventory scan to see what the Primary Owner is set to.  If it gives you what you want (blank would be ideal) then you could write a script that you run on those PCs that would clear this out.  You would probably want it to run just before your inventory scan is run.  That way there would be no login history to scan.


          I have not tested this but it might point you in the right direction.


          Does anyone from LANDesk see an issue with doing this?