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    Migrate PXE Boot Menu (Dosmenu.cfg) from LD85 to LD88?


      Hi all


      We've searched this site but cannot find the exact answer to our query:-


      We're in the midst of migrating from LD85 to LD88 and currently trying to migrate OSD.  We've copied the INI and INF files from \\<CORE>\ldmain\scripts and \\<CORE>\ldmain\landesk\files respectively.  We understand \\<CORE>\ldmain\landesk\files\DOSMENU.CFG determines what is displayed on the PXE Boot Menu so we copied it from the LD85 server to the LD88 server but makes no impression on the existing (empty) PXE Boot Menu on our LD88 server.  The contents of the DOSMENU.CFG file suggests that the GUID for each image is hard-coded to the core server it was created on, our LD85 server in this case:-



      Is this correct and if so, is there anything we can do to migrate the PXE Boot Menu from our LD85 to our LD88 server, or is our only option to manually drag-n-drop all imaging scripts from "All OSD / Profile Migration Scripts" to the PXE Boot Menu (currently over 200!)?