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    OSD - LD88 - Dell Optiplex 760 & 960 (Montevina chipset?) problems


      Currently I've got my XP Pro template to work with a dozen different Dell models.  We're using LD88, PXE booting into PE and using ImageX to lay the image down.  We're also using tools like InjectMSD, CopyDrivers, and HalConfig.   Anyways, I'm having an issue with mini-setup and certain Dell PCs (Optiplex 760 and 960).  During mini-setup while "Installing Devices," it prompts for the Windows XP Pro SP3 disk to be inserted, which is pointless because the mouse/keyboard aren't functioning yet.


      I've dug around and I think it has something to do with the HALs and the newer Montevina chipsets.  I believe the mini-setup is looking for the sp3.cab, which I have verified is located in c:\windows\driver cache\i386\.  I'm running Halconfig V2.3 (halconfig.exe /cab=sp3.cab).  I also tried it with the older /filepath switch.  I have already set the SATA controller from AHCI to ATA (legacy).  I've tried everything but posting here.  What do you guys consider I try next?  I've looked at the threads listed below.  Any available help would be appreciated.





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          If keyboard & mouse aren't working at the time you get the prompt, there's no way you're going to know what file mini-setup is looking for. It would certainly help to know that. Probably all it takes to make kb & mouse work is add 2 entries to the CriticalDeviceDatabase. Go to a fully installed machine that is identical to your target, have a look at its CriticalDeviceDatabase, find the entries for kb & mouse and add them to the .reg file that you give to injectmsd.


          I had very similar problems this time last year. I got prompted for the WinXP SP3 disk and kb & mouse weren't working. I believe the files it was after were the HAL files. The problem went away when I put sp3.cab in driver cache. This may be a long shot but one thing that changed since then is that the HAL files have recently been updated. If you look at a WinXP SP3 with all patches applied, you'll find a new set of HAL files dated 4 Aug 2009 in driver cache. I wonder if that somehow changes the equation.


          I can't think how this would have anything to do with SATA. And it's probably nothing to do directly with the Montevina chipset either, but with the fact that source and target have different HALs.

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            Thanks for the reply Jan.  I was hoping you would respond.  All of my HII project has been helped a lot by your blogs, documents, etc.  Anyways, I'm also thinking it's the HAL.  I have the sp3.cab and the newer HAL files in the driver cache folder, but it's still not working.  I'm going to try to slip the newer HAL files into the sp3.cab file and see if that works.  Work is over today, but tomorrow I'm going to look into the CriticalDeviceDatabase you are talking about. 



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              Okay, I still can't get the mouse/keyboard to work during mini-setup.  Can someone point me in the right direction to getting this to work properly?



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                THogland Apprentice

                Just so you know, we use Dell 760s as well, and aren't having this problem. I'd check the copydrivers settings for why you're being prompted in general, but as to kb/mouse not working, I have no idea.


                Maybe a KVM that's filtering out the system's auto-detection of them? We have that problem when switching our KVM away from the boot process in the middle - WinPE loses the keyboard/mouse and doesn't re-detect them...