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    Downloading Update Definitions - GetBases.exe returned an error code


      I have a new server LDMS 9.0 running on Windows 2003 Server.

      I go to download content in Download Update - LANDesk Antivirus Tab - Get Latest Definitions button and I get the below message in the Updating Definitions window:




      Verifying access to site US East Coast (https://patchec.landesk.com)

      Verification complete

      Processing LANDesk Antivirus Updates

      Checking for updates...

      Downloading files in updates.xml

      No updates found.

      Updating virus definitions for 9.0: Win

      Creating LdBasesInfo.xml...

      GetBases.exe returned an error code: No source contains valid update files or source list is not configured.(9) (9)

      Completed updating definitions