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    Custom Template will not apply to the report


      Dear all,


      hope you can help me:


      I would like to generate a custom report and therefore I created a template with the columns and all the parameters I would like to have. I click on DESIGN (that opens the Report designer) and go to TOOLS --> Templates. I load my template; after that I see the correct template in the report designer.


      Now, how can I apply this template to my report? Normally, it should be fine pressing SAVE in the report designer. Then the Report designer should close and I come back to the menu REPORT Properties. But in my case, pressing SAVE does not do anything. The only thing I can do is to cancel the report designer. Then I am back in the report properties and have the default template attached to my report. The version of the Management Suite we have is


      Please advise.


      Thanks a lot!


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          egarlepp Employee

          That all sounds about right... Do you have the latest SP3 and other updates?  Sounds like you may have a bug, is this on your core or a secondary box?  I would try it on another box or a restart.  The report deisgner is temperamental..

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            Hi Eric,


            thank you very much.


            We found a solution. In the report designer I click on file --> new --> Automatically generated report based on a query.


            Then a default report comes up with the columns I need. After that, I export the report into Excel. There I make my modifications. As long as I have my data in report designer, I can live with that.


            By the way, we have SP3 and I tried it on our core and on another box.