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    PXE servers across multiple subnets

    dhandy Apprentice

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a query regarding pxe representatives, our busniess has over 150 subnets and vlans and would like to implement a centralised PXE server rather than have to have one in every single site and also multiple ones at the same site where there are multiple VLANS, we are current running this way under a competing product. We have tried to set up this up however the pxe service does not seem to talk across vlans and even adding an ip helper does not seem to make a difference. Has anyone been able to get this working ?


      To add to this we also managed to present the PE boot image by changing option 17 (from memory) on the router but this is not ideal, is there a way to present the standard F8 menu to our clients just as if the pxe rep was sitting in the same vlan?


      Looking forward to your responses.