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    Distribute Software after deploying image




      We have just moved to Landesk 9 (we did use 8.7 before). We try to reproduce what really worked fine in an 8.7 deployment. We used the INF File to install the Landesk Client then start a Policy Update with AMCLIENT.EXE /APM to force software distribution. Here an example of what we did in 8.7:


      Command0="c:\ldsleep.exe 60"
      Command1="net use \\regent.local\images revolution-99 /u:regent\xxxxxx"
      Command2="cmd /q /c \\regent.local\images\netdom join %computername% /domain:regent.local /userD:xxxxxxx /passwordD:xxxxx"
      Command3="c:\ldsleep.exe 60"
      Command4="net use \\regent.local\ldlogon revolution-99 /u:regent\xxxxxxx"
      Command5="cmd /q /c \\regent.local\ldlogon\wscfg32.exe /F /NOUI /DONTSTARTSVCS"
      Command6="c:\ldsleep.exe 60"
      Command7="net use \\regent.local\images revolution-99 /u:regent\xxxxxx"
      Command8="cmd /q /c \\regent.local\images\apps.bat"
      Command9="cmd /q /c c:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -r -f -t 3000"


      and the apps.bat:


      cd program files
      cd landesk
      cd ldclient

      amclient.exe /apm


      In Landesk 9, AMCLIENT no longer exists. We know it has been replaced by POLICY.SYNC.EXE.


      Replacing AMCLIENT BY POLICY.SYNC in the apps.bat does not work... no application is installed, but the batch file is invoked.


      When we start it manually, applications are deployed.


      What is wrong ? Do we need a parameter to start with POLICY.SYNC.EXE. I did find no information for it.


      Can someone help ?




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          After a few unsuccessfull tries, we decided to separate the Landesk client installation and the software distribution. The PC is started twice after the Windows installation with the AutoLogonCount set to 2 in the INF file.


          The first Autologon is used to install the Landesk Client and to set registry keys in the "RunOnce" key that start the policy.sync.exe during the second Autologon.