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    PC purchase date


      I have LDMS 8.8 and am prepairing to upgrade to LDMS 9.  Our CIO wants to use LD to track PC purchase dates.  Does anyone know of a way to do this using LDMS?

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          Hi Todd,

          LANDesk's inventory holds the software & hardware information only. And we have a tool called "custom data form" which is used to gets some information as an end-user input and adds that information into the inventory.


          So there is no simple way to track PC purchase date.


          Software inventory : Installed application, OS Name, OS version,  Logon user, local users and groups, etc.,

          Hardware inventory: Processor, RAM, Hard disk, PC Model, Manufacturer, etc.,

          Custom Data Form : Physical location of the machine, Department, Manager, Team, Designation, etc., (Which is not available in the default LANDesk’s inventory)




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            klevitan Specialist

            We are doing something similar.  We purchased an add-on from Managed Planet that allows us to add in other data fields.  As we receive equipment we use a bar code scanner to enter them in to the database and this also puts in the date received.


            For pre-existing systems that we don't know this info we make a best guess based on various other data fields (warranty info, etc).  Managed Planet allows us to calculate new fields based on other fields in the database.


            - Kurt