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    LDScan Storage and Error scan folder


      Hi All...


      I have a small issue. My system drive on our Core server is filling up very quickly and I need to create some urgent space.  Does anyone know the effect of deleted the contents of the errorscan folder and the storage folder in the LDscan directory?




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          Jason SupportEmployee



          You can delete the contents of the error scan folder without any issue, the only thing you would lose is historical records are "bad" scans which most people do not care about. As for the storage folder those can be deleted as well, That is a copy of every scan coming into your Core. If that folder is filling up and you do not want or need it to you need to turn off store scans on the core server.


          In the core console go to configure-->services-->Inventory-->advanced settings find the field that says store scans and change it a 0 , click ok and when prompted restart the inventory service