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    Managed Devices (Server with Agents) are no longer shown in all devices


      Good evening,


      I actually have a problem concerning to differnt server, which are no longer shown under all devices (all server have been managed with the agent for inventory requests...).
      Today i established a connection to the Landesk Management Suite, i queried the database (show me all server with IP 10.10.74.*), but nothing happened.


      So i have made a network scan for unmanaged devices (scan network IP 10.10.74.*). All server now appear in the unmaneged list.

      At one server, i have made a inventory scan manually (over start, program, landesk, inventory scan...).

      And the server no longer apperas as unmanaged...


      Could you help me with this problem? Do you have any idea why this happened?

      It would be confusing if i had to do a scan for all server manually, so that the did not appear any longer as unmanaged.


      Thanks for you help