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    Sorting Report Results




      Can a Report be setup to sort the results based on a date?


      I have a report that displays resolved incidents, but it seems to generate the output in a random order...


      I would like to sort by resolved date.


      How is it configured?




      - Clint

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          Do you using Crystal Report Prof 10?


          In order to sort by resolution date you can sort the record by sort the attribute creation date from im_incident_resolution

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            Thanks Ewid,


            We aren't using Crystal for the reports.  We might start, but right now I'm using the built in report designer.


            Do you know how to do it inside that?


            - Clint

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              You can generate a report to sort by incident resolution dates. 


              You need to create a new report based on:

              Module:  Incident Management

              Business Object: Resolution


              This will create a report based on Incident Management \ Resolution table.


              In the list you will see "Creation Date" and "Last Update,"  either of these dates will work when sorting, but is all depends on which one you want to sort by most likely "Creation Date."


              You can get all your related Incident details from the "one to one" relationship of  "Incident" which is contained on the Resolution Business Object.


              You can build the report out with the data that is relevant for your report.