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    Landesk 9: Remote Control Windows 7


      Good day!

      We have some issues with the Remote Control in Landesk 9. The connection to the Client from the Core itselfs works ok, but the issue is that the Client gets a windows 7 (system) popup: " A program on your computer wants to display a message". If  the user accepts the remote control request, we are able to control the "session 0", but we are not seeing the actual desktop of the user and since "session 0" is pretty much empty the remote control feature is kind of useless for us atm.


      Please note that we have tried both a landesk agent with mirror driver and without. All our users are running NON-ADMIN.


      Any comments / ideas are highly welcome.



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          Whups, I mean Landesk 9 of course

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            Hi Christian,


            This sounds like one of the features of User Account Control.


            We've encountered sililar problems on Windows Vista. I think Remote Control executes with other user credentials then the current user is logged on with. This is probably why the  "A program on your computer wants to display a message" message appears. This will also explain why the desktop is empty and different than that of the currently logged in user, because you are looking at the desktop of the user which executes the remote control processes.


            To determine if this is the case, set up a remote control session as you mentioned and let the user accept the session. Then, open the Windows Taskmanager and look for the remote control processes. In the column "User Name" you should find the user the processes are executed with.


            Unfortunately, we don't use Windows 7 and LDMS 9 yet, so I can't help you any further as to solve the issue. Maybe someone else could!?


            I hope this helps.



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              As a test take a Windows 7 machine and run \Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\setupmirror.exe -u and then try and remote control. Please let me know your results. Thanks! I am wondering if its a combination of the mirror driver and a UAC problem.

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                cgodden Specialist

                I figured out the issue with my connection problem - orginally replied that i coudl not control the system once i connected. Reinstalling teh agent seemed to correct teh issue

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                  FWIW, I haven't had this problem with Vista and Landesk 8.8 (and I don't think with LD9, either). If I get a chance, I'll try LD9 against one of my W7 laptops in user mode. Busy destroying SSDs right now, though.