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    Preventing non-assignees from accepting and progressing Incidents




      I have an Incident process where I would like to do the following:-


           1)     Only allow group members from the group that has had the Incident assigned to it to accept the Incident. Currently anybody appears to be able to accept the incident.

           2)     Only allow the individual that has had the Incident assigned to them (where an individual assignment has been made) accept the Incident. Currently as for 1).

           3)     Once an Incident has been accepted by an individual - only allow them (or the Group Lead) progress the Incident through a number of steps. Currently it appears that anybody can progress an Incident regardless of the assignment state.


      What's the best way (if any) to do this? I've thought about using a pre-condition on the acceptance and/or follow on states - or doing it via Views (which seems a bit painful). Any guidance and/or examples much appreciated.


      Kind regards,


      Stephen Wood

      Malvern, UK