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    Setting up Two Computers to Hold Software


      I will try to explain this as best as possible.


      My company has an office in DC and in North Carolina. Our Core server is in Georgia. I need to push out Adobe Reader to all the machines in the offices in DC and North Carolina. I want to set this up as a policy supported push and have the sofware be on two designated machines one in DC and one in North Carolina to minimize bandwidth. Basically, if you're computer is in DC you would get Adobe Reader from the designated machine up there. Can anyone assist me in getting this configured or point me in the right direction?

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          In LDMS 9, you can configure your stategie for deploy only from sdmcache or other computer (See the attachement).

          In LD88, you can check the option download from a peer only.

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            If you have any file servers within those locations, you can utilize those to house your SD files. Designate those shares as 'preferred servers' when pushing to the IP ranges at those locations and you should be fine.  Or make new tasks for those locations, identifying those shares specifically for the installations.


            I've found that using file shares/servers to house the installation files a lot more efficient than trying to use the install from peer method. It means you can make faster changes to what's going to be installed and not have to worry about pushing to those other systems first.